Frequently Asked Questions

Be ready for this high-vibe journey at high altitude!

How do I need to dress?

The Sacred Valley has the most moderate weather in the Andes which means generally sunny warm days, and cool nights. Unless you’re planning a serious trek, there is no bad time to come to the Sacred Valley. And since weather can change dramatically at high altitude, it is always wise to have a hat, rain/wind jacket and a few layers. 

At the end of April to early May, it is the end of the Andean fall months.  Days are sunny and the mountains and fields are beautifully green. 

Important tips!

Booking your flight

We encourage you to work with your local travel agent to book your airfares and transfers to Cusco via Lima.  Be aware of your local requirements to enter Peru (passport, visa, health information).

Important tips!

What will I be eating at Willka T’ika?

Willka T’ika prepares farm-to-table vegetarian meals, sourced from our own organic gardens. With advance notice, we happily cater to vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets. There are fresh herbal teas and organic coffee available as well as beer and wine. Breakfast is served buffet style with a range of fresh fruits, breads, jams, cereals, and eggs. Dinner is a set 3 course meal, including a delicious soup, home-grown salad, vegetarian main course, and dessert. If you’re still hungry after all that, please ask for seconds! We do not serve lunch unless it is ordered in advance but there are many tasty dining options closeby. And if you’re celebrating a special occasion, let us know. We love baking cakes for our guests!

Money Matters

Cash: Peruvians won’t accept any bills that are torn or very worn. Please bring only crisp, new bills for shopping or tipping. US dollars are accepted at Willka T’ika but most places and people will prefer Peruvian Soles. Credit cards can be used at Willka T’ika or at tourist stores or hotels. You can withdraw cash at the ATM machine in the airport or upon arrival in Urubamba. Just ask the taxi to stop at the “BCP” bank.

Tips: Willka T’ika’s staff all work very hard to make you feel like you are home. Although you may not see them all, there are 20 people tending the 7 Chakra gardens, organic vegetables, buildings, kitchen, office, and bar. To show them your appreciation, you can leave a gratuity in the box by the bar. It will be shared equally by the staff in the Quechua tradition of “ayni” or reciprocity. Our massage therapists are independent from our staff and can be tipped directly. You can also leave an envelope for them in the office.

Taxes/Surcharges: You may notice a 10% service charge on your bill. According to Peruvian tax law, hotels and dining establishments are entitled to set a surcharge on consumption of up to 13% of the value of the services they provide. Peru also has an 18% Value Added Tax (IGV). Fortunately, tourists are exempt from this tax for their accommodations but only if we show the government a copy of your passport with an entry date within 6 months of your visit. This explains why every hotel in Peru will ask for a copy of your passport. If they didn’t, you would be charged an additional 18%.

Guest Services

Phone Plans: Most cell phone carriers have a roaming plan that you can pre-order for around $10/day. We recommend having a Whatsapp Account since most of Peru lives and breathes via Whatsapp. This will be the best way if not only to communicate with your guide, taxi driver, restaurant or yoga teacher.

Wifi & Gadgets: We have a separate WiFi area for those who have to work. Willka T’ika was voted “Best Digital Detox Retreat” in 2022 partly because we keep the gadgets confined to one area. Peru uses 220 volts which means you should not bring hair dryers, shavers, or other appliances from the US. Laptops and phones generally have built in converters and can be charged without a problem.

Laundry: We have a laundry service that usually turns around in 24 hours. Unfortunately, we do not have a laundry machine that guests can use. Please put any dirty laundry the designated bag in the room and complete the itemized list. For immediate attention, drop the bag off at the office on your way out.

Lost & Found and Shipping: Peruvian mail is unreliable. We’ve only had one post card make it here in the last year! There are private, expensive shipping services like DHL for emergency items (like lost credit cards and important documents.) To send via DHL you will need to go to Cusco and wait in line at the DHL office, which will take several hours. Regrettably, this also means that if you leave something behind, we will not be able to mail it to you. We recommend mailing your postcards when you get home!  

Spa Services: Please ask at check-in for the updated spa menu which explains in detail our medicinal solar baths, therapeutic massage options, crystal bed treatment, and home-made essential oils, massage oils and hydrosol sprays.

Pet friendly: At Willka T'ika, there are two adorable dogs: Kallpa (German Shepherd) and Apu (Golden Labrador). Kallpa (“Strength” in Quechua) may bark at you the first time he sees you. If this is a concern, please let us know. Apu will be your best friend the moment he sees you but please don’t feed him! Our dogs love guests but are naturally territorial. As such, we unfortunately cannot allow other dogs to come inside the center.

High Altitude!

Remember that the Sacred Valley of Peru is located high in the Andes mountains -- Plan to arrive into Cusco by 11a.m. on the first day of the retreat to rest and acclimate to the 11,200 altitude.  You might feel the effects of altitude.  Make sure to talk to your doctor before you make your reservation, especially if you have a heart condition or any other condition that may increase the risk of altitude sickness.  

Talk to your professional healthcare provider if there are any supplements you can take to help you prevent or cope with altitude sickness.

Remember that there is a lot of hiking on steep winding trails and old stone stairs.  Many stairs!  This is a mountain environment.  To fully enjoy your stay and the sightseeing adventures, you might need to train yourself to improve endurance in this lower-oxygen environment.

You will be required to submit a waiver form upon registration.

Read more on what to pack and how to prepare HERE.  You will receive more details after you have made your reservation.