Your Self-Care Investment

Your Self-Care Financial Investment 

in this Awakening Journey

Pay in Full

Due by November 30th, 2022

December 21, 2022


This option includes bonus 1-hour session with Erika, and 1-hour session with Jaz that you can use before or after our Spiritual Awakening Journey so you can better prepare or integrate your transformation experiences.

Deposit + Balance on February 15


Non-refundable deposit of US$1,100 due by November 30th, 2022

December 21, 2022

Balance of US$3,000 due by February 15, 2023

3 payments

this offer ends on December 21, 2022!


Non-refundable Deposit of US$1,500 on December 21, 2022

US$1,450 on January 15, 2023

US$1,450 on February 15, 2023


When you pay in full by December 21, 2022, you receive these bonuses:

1-hour Coaching with Erika

Let’s get together for a full hour of coaching! We will talk about your primary goal (calm your overactive mind, have a better night sleep, feel connected and joyful, etc.) and I will design a Sacred Ritual for you to incorporate in your daily life.

Erika is coordinating the payments and the reservations in Peru.  

You can contact her by email at SacredYogaTribe[at]

Remember that this investment does not include:

You are invited to make arrangements with your local travel agent.  Enquire about your country's travel requirements to enter Peru.