Your Spiritual Guides

You will be expertly guided by an amazing woman, healer & shaman who has gone through her own journey of awakening.  She has led others in sacred journeys for over 10 years.

Erika Guerra-Todd

Erika is originally from Peru and grew up around Shamans and Healers. She is inviting you to her homeland, to her roots and to a place of deep spiritual awakening.

She is a Spiritual and Wellness Coach, a Yoga and Meditation Master Teacher, a Shamanic Trance Dance Guide and Guardian, and Himalayan Kundalini Master Yoga.  Erika is well versed in the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and how to apply these laws to your daily life. She will lead you in deeply nourishing yoga practices throughout our Spiritual Awakening retreat in Peru.

Erika currently lives in South Carolina with her husband, her triplets and her dogs Da Vinci and Mozart. 

I'm here for you and happy to provide guidance from the very first moment of your journey.  I would love to jump on Zoom with you to answer any and all questions! Just click the "Talk with Erika" button to schedule a time for our conversation.

Willka T'ika Team

Willka T'ika staff members are instrumental in creating the beauty and spirit of this amazing premium retreat centre.

The Willka T’ika staff are here to make your stay comfortable, welcoming, and restorative. We take pride in hiring from within our community of Rumichaka, so you will meet many local Quechua staff during your stay.

Most of our staff have been at Willka T’ika since its founding in 1995. They are far more than hotel employees: they have contributed to the construction of Willka T’ika, created original art for the property, and shared ancestral teachings about medicinal plants growing in the gardens. They are involved in all decisions about the hotel and how best to look after our guests.

Our Quechua staff help make Willka T’ika unique among places to stay in the Sacred Valley.