Soulful Yoga & Meditation with Erika

Create a SACRED SPACE within Yourself

In today’s ultra-connected world it’s way too common to feel like you’re disconnected from what REALLY matters – yourself.  

More and more we find ourselves feeling like strangers in our own bodies, and more so… strangers to our own souls

We no longer recognize ourselves on any level when we cannot connect to ourselves spiritually.

When this disconnection happens, you may be: 

So, what can you do in times like these?

How can you reconnect with your spiritual self, feel at home in your body, and honor your soul, while still fulfilling your role in the outside world?

By creating a Sacred Space within yourself

When you create a Sacred Space for yourself to connect with your soul, you are able to connect with yourself again. To become more at peace with your mind and body, and to fall back in love with the person you truly are

During our time in the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu we will have a daily journey that goes beyond yoga and meditation, and that touches on something primal necessary for each of us… true connection to your soul!

This practice integrates:

Stillness Meditation and moving Meditation



Techniques from the Kundalini and Kriya Yoga traditions

Connection and devotion through Laya, Bhakti and Sufi practices

Mudras, Mantras and Chanting

Yoga asanas and more!

These tools will bring your body, mind and spirit into balance, and by doing so, you will feel more connected, relaxed and joyful.

This practice will allow you to find yourself and your joy, reconnecting to the beauty of your inner self, to fall back in love with yourself.

Join us in this Sacred Journey of connection with your Soul!

What Erika’s students say about her work.

“As a result of moving to a new location I was facing anxiety and stress. Having used yoga in the past I knew I needed to get back to the practice.  After trying just one class covering deep mindfulness, breath-work, and meditation, along with the yoga postures (asanas), I knew Erika of Sacred Yoga Tribe was right for me. Working with Erika has allowed me to feel stronger in body, mind and spirit.. I now practice the breath-work she taught me to easily fall asleep and have become more thankful about the way I connect with myself.”

Ami Stearns, Professor at Coastal Carolina University

“Being a holistic entrepreneur, my “Me” time is often whisked away by the various tasks required to manage my business.  I have challenges focusing on a single task, when there are so many tasks that need some attention.  I decided to take Erika’s Program.  I was hoping to learn ancient practices to help with calming my busy mind and to also help me achieve a better night’s sleep.

Erika made her program so interesting, easy to understand and easy to follow. I enjoyed learning these practices and how to blend them through my everyday life. I found the suggestions made during the one-on-one sessions helped me to find those free moments during the day to “steal away” for my own mindfulness time. 

I recommend this class to anyone really, as it has all the pieces for you to comfortably integrate and maintain a simple mindfulness practice every day.”

Jennifer Uhler, Massage Therapist & Bodyworker. Energy Practitioner

“In my quest to calm my mind through meditation, I came across an online program on How to calm your busy mind, increase your ability to focus and have a better night sleep”, which it has been a wonderful experience. As a beginner and without any knowledge of yoga, I have enjoyed each class while expanding my knowledge. Erika is a beautiful soul very prepared to help others. I appreciate her patience and availability every time I needed it and I hope to continue learning more and more under her guidance. I am very happy to have taken the course since I have obtained more than what I was hoping, I totally recommend it to people who are looking for a change in their lives and don't know where to start. Once again many thanks to Erika and Sacred Yoga Tribe”.

Lorena Migliori, Delimar Peruvian Restaurant, Aruba

"My childhood taught me to hold my emotions in a tight bottle. In our classes I am so relaxed, calm and safe that tears sometimes escape my eyes even while closed. Something about the classes has unlocked repressed emotions. With each class I feel lighter. Seemingly letting go of the past each time. It’s like life altering to carry less emotional weight. Erika’s mantras in class along with breathing exercises make me feel recharged. I have found myself repeating the calming mantras in traffic or when I needed to step back from a stressful situation and get grounded. I leave each class a better person"

Aubrey D., Teacher

“Erika has helped me improve my meditation practice by finding different energetic avenues to connect through. I am now able to stay more present and can therefore make conscious decisions on how I want my life to be.

My awareness skills have improved. With Erika’s help to improve my breath-work and to use mudras and mantras, I’ve been able to redirect my energy to the thoughts and emotions I want to hold. As a result, I no longer live in reaction to what happens.

I have a much more holistic approach to my health; connecting my emotions and physical health to maintain a happier life.”

Karina Maselli, Holistic Frequency Therapies

“I had little previous knowledge about breathing and meditation and through the program I learned many techniques that have positively transformed my life into a healthier and more peaceful space. Erika truly cares about each of her students individually, she is a great life coach in the one-on-one meetings. My favorite part was learning about the power of meditation and mantras… it is a lot easier than I thought it would be!

I now feel empowered with calming techniques to help control my stress and anxiety in my daily life. I lost 10 pounds and have learned to take care of my body with the help of yoga and meditation. I am confident that many women can benefit from this course to learn how to reduce stress, energize themselves, and live a happier lifestyle.”

Lucia Zats, Communication and Marketing